Financial education

Brazilians have always suffered from a lack of quality financial education. It is rarely taught how to handle money at home or at school.

From 2020, as a compulsory discipline in Brazilian schools, financial education will certainly reduce debt in the country (currently, there are more than 60 million people in default in Brazil).

Financial education is a set of actions related to decreasing expenses, increasing earnings, investing and accumulating wealth. That is, to educate financially is to teach the art of mastering money by becoming more aware of every action towards it.

In addition, it is the best way to enrich and form a consistent heritage, bringing much peace of mind to people and their families.

First steps toward financial peace of mind

1) Spend less than you earn. Cost cutting is a painful thing to do, but at the first moment it is critical.

2) Negotiate the debts and put the "house in order".

3) Create an emergency reserve that contains 6 to 12 times your monthly living expenses to use in case of unforeseen events. For example, if your monthly living cost is $ 2,000, your emergency reserve should be at least $ 12,000.

4) Invest better by making money "work" for you, earning interest. Some people still save their leftover savings, but this is not the best alternative. Here are the most recommended applications, both for your emergency reserve and for investing the remaining amount.

O Just Math is with you on this walk!

With this section, our goal is to assist our users in managing their income and investment decisions. From time to time, we will post information on financial education and different investment alternatives, both in fixed and variable income. To get started, let's cover the three most popular applications:

Savings: Is it still worth it?

Direct Treasury: higher profitability

CBD: What is it and how much do you earn per month?

Investment Simulator

Our simulator helps you calculate how much your money will yield by making comparisons between the various applications available on the market.

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